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Sacred, unadulterated, feminine chaos and wisdom by Sanni lark

Are you fed up with being a victim of the same circumstances you unconsciously co-signed in your reality? Is waking up mad at a world that your traumas perceived to be dangerous, immoral, and evil each and every morning becoming a burden?

Are you through creating scapegoats, countless excuses, and make-believe enemies out of everyone and everything to bypass your personal ascension because you refused to accept that everything in life serves your highest potential, including the circumstances and people you may not like?

Are you done creating trauma bonds known as friendships, relationships, and sisterhoods that only aim to keep you angry at your past and the reincarnated cycles you keep creating from it, plus confirm the many alter egos you created as coping mechanisms under the guise of companionship?

Are you ready to create your own version of desirable, soul-enriching womanhood through understanding and embracing the feminine, primordial polarity of life itself? Not the popular, faux dark feminine version with its surface-level shadow work which confirms your woe-is-me status instead of empowering you as the creatress of your life, but the one that takes you into the shadows beneath earth's many illusions and shows you, you?

Then you are meant to be here. Welcome.

Invest in your womanhood today to access the exclusive demonized keys of self-exaltation and personal universe cultivation.


"Divinity is laced within my bones."

Sanni Lark is an online expression of my freedom to create and exist in my authenticity. After all of these years and lifetimes, I finally realized that I have nobody to impress.

I am going to exist as me for a while. I might as well set myself free for once.

"My feminine intuition was my first guiding light before any Bible came along."

In this space I am sharing the culmination of many lifetimes of heartache, wisdom, failure, passion, and creation.

With each day that I open my eyes I am both the student and expert in my life. After all, the subconscious is a cruel yet necessary teacher. And I am refining who I am along my journey towards self-mastery.

I am finding my way back to myself.

"I communed with the spirits, trees, rivers, rocks, and planets long before men called it witchcraft."

I call all of my power back that was used, manipulated, and robbed from me.

I am the creator.

I am the free woman.

I am whatever archetypes I want to be in this lifetime.

This is my life. This is my shit. And it’s time to have fun.

Evil Single Woman: sinister opulence for the impeccable feminine entity

Evil Single Woman is Sanni Lark’s curated methodology which intersects dark spirituality and self-exaltation with practical womanhood.

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