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Sanni Lark, Sanni Lark, LLC, and Evil Single Woman, LLC and any other businesses or entities belonging to Sanni Lark are not responsible for any emotional distress, mental distress, physical harm, or any other destruction through mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical channels that may or may not result from reading the writings and/or consuming the content, articles, posts, photos, and other media belonging to Sanni Lark by way of,,,,,, or through the writer’s social media page @sannilark on Instagram and TikTok.

There are no rules that prevent content creators and other creatives from expressing themselves, their stories, their experiences, and their theories and opinions in ways that upset you. The world is not a safe space. The internet certainly is not a safe space either. See a therapist. Vent to a trusted friend. Cuddle with your pet.

In other words, handle your business.

And don’t read, comment, or follow anything or anyone that triggers you.

For further clarification, refer to The First Amendment of the United States Constitution.